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Firearms Training

I am committed to providing the highest quality firearm training and safety practices that promote responsible gun ownership by teaching the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for carrying, using and storing firearms safely. Below is what you will learn in each phase. I will work with you one-to-one around your schedule to finish all three phases.

After you have obtained your LTC and purchased a firearm, let the training begin!


Phase 1

  • Nomenclature of firearm

  • Break down of weapon

  • Functions of weapon

  • Loading/unloading weapon

  • Holsters and where and how to carry


Phase 2

  • Defensive tactics

  • Defend and draw weapon

  • Malfunction Drills/clearing weapon

  • Engage threat


Phase 3

  • Cardio warm up drills (elevate heart rate)

  • Live fire drills

  • Malfunction Drills

  • Multiple threats

  • Debriefing

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