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Excalibur Firearms Training

Working with individuals who want to learn to safely own and carry a firearm.

My mission is to educate individuals on the responsible and secure management of firearms, encompassing proper handling, disassembly, cleaning, loading, unloading, carrying, and effectively resolving malfunctions. Additionally, I aim to provide comprehensive training in live fire drills.

3-Phase Firearms Training Program

Flexible One-to-One Sessions to Work Around Your Schedule


Phase 1

  • Nomenclature of firearm

  • Break down of weapon

  • Functions of weapon

  • Loading/unloading weapon

  • Holsters and where and how to carry


Phase 2

  • Defensive tactics

  • Defend and draw weapon

  • Malfunction Drills/clearing weapon

  • Engage threat


Phase 3

  • Cardio warm up drills (elevate heart rate)

  • Live fire drills

  • Malfunction Drills

  • Multiple threats

  • Debriefing

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